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Are You Praying to the Real God?

“What does your God look like?” When you pray, do you pray to a God who is seated high up above you, glaring down with a scowl? For some of us, our God looks angry or disapproving. Sure He loves us, but c’mon, He doesn’t really like us, right? What does your God look like?

God–King of the Universe?

God may be the King of the Universe, but surprisingly, that’s not where He wants to reign.

A Powerful Vision

God often speaks to me through my imagination. He uses powerful images and pictures to communicate what words cannot describe. Sometimes, they are too personal to share. Other times, I recognize that these visions are not just for me. This is one of them. This is the powerful picture God painted in my mind on Easter Sunday.

Discover the Real You

Do you feel like people see the real you? Do your friends and family know your true identity? More importantly, do you?