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On Earth as it is in Heaven

On Earth as it is in Heaven

I stand outside one early summer’s morn. Thick night air still lingers, heavy with moisture. I almost expect to hear an ocean crashing in the background. But this is God’s country. A land of fields, frogs, and fireflies.

Despite the warmth, there is a distinct chill in the air. It is what beckoned me out my door. It wraps its long fingers around me and pulls me out to see. But I can’t see. My eyes have already adjusted to the warm glow of the indoor lights. The morning draws me further into her display. She promises to show me something magical, a treasure that no one else sees but in the wee hours while most still slumber.

And then my eyes do see. A tiny flickering light. One at first, then two. Then a few more. They multiply through the tall grasses, sparkle in the tops of the trees. All night these little creatures have been out here, singing their silent song of praise.

I sense the Presence of something Great walking across the land, treading silently. Drawing nearer and closer. He calls my eyes upward to the glimmering heavenly bodies. Smears of vaporous clouds swirl about the stars and pull my gaze to the thin line where sky and earth collide. A simple refrain drifts through my mind. “On earth as it is in heaven.”

On day four of creation, God walked among the clouds at night, dropping stars as He went. He filled the sky with lights that He knew would capture the imagination of mankind for eternity. Flashing beacons to draw our hearts heavenward.

On day six of creation, God walked among the dust of the earth. He created all manner of land beasts, creatures great and small. Now, it was just before dusk. He stooped on the ground, finalizing the crown of His creation–humankind. Above Him, one great star twinkled, and in that moment He knew what He had to do.

God reached into the depths of His great, magical pockets and pulled out a handful of heaven. With his other hand, He cupped a handful of earth. He shook His hands together, mixing them thoroughly, then tossed the contents into the air. Fireflies emerged–star dust and earth dust both equally contained in their tiny glowing bodies. Creatures that God knew would capture the imagination of mankind for eternity. A reminder, not to only fix our gaze heavenward, for we, like them, are both earth and spirit. In one of the smallest, most insignificant creatures, God placed one of the most important and mesmerizing truths: “on earth as it is in heaven.”