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praying in church_What does God Worship_Heather Rae Hutzel


A provocative question… “What does God worship?”

It seems like the answer should be, “Nothing. God worships nothing.” But in studying the gospels, I believe the Bible reveals a very different way to answer this question.


What is Worship?

Oftentimes, when we think of worship, what comes to mind is a picture of a servant falling face down before a king. Or we might imagine hands raised high in a church service while voices proclaim greatness to a deity. These activities can be methods of worship, but they are not necessarily worship.

Worship is the act of ascribing ultimate worth to something. The greatest way we can ascribe this worth is through the way we live our lives.

If we worship God, we are saying that He is worth it all. He is worth everything. He is worth more than our families, jobs, and finances. We can say this with our lips, but the true orientation of our heart is revealed in how we express these beliefs with our lives.

To understand what true and perfect worship looks like, we have to turn to the pages of the Bible.


True and Perfect Worship

The greatest example of worship might surprise you. It’s not a moment when one of Yahweh’s servants worshiped Him but, rather, the moment the all-holy God of the universe expressed His deepest and truest devotions by worshiping us.

Wait. What?

Yes. It’s true. God does worship something, and that something is you.

If worship is the act of ascribing ultimate worth to something, and God ascribed ultimate worth to us on the cross, then we are the thing God worships. God defined your value and worth by declaring that your life is equal to His. On the cross, Jesus sang the most beautiful worship song ever to be written–lyrics that proclaimed, “You are worth all of Me!


Redefining Worship

Okay, let’s be honest: this sounds a bit heretical. It sounds weird and wrong to say that God worships humanity. But this is why He is a God unlike any god. We, in our limited understanding, cannot wrap our minds around this redefinition of the word “worship,” and it is one of the major reasons why we struggle to receive our true worth from God.

Instead of allowing God to ascribe our value, we look to others to give us our worth.

This is a huge mistake. We cannot ascribe worth to others if we are not first receiving worth from God.

It is when we, full of the Holy Spirit, are able to recognize and receive our value and identity from God that we are then able to love and ascribe worth to our fellow human beings. Not that we, in some sense, elevate ourselves or others to the level of deity, but with the way we care for and love one another, we declare to our neighbor, “You are worth God dying for. And if He says you are worth it, then I say you are worth it.”

It is by this that we will be known as followers of Christ.

When we live our life according to the worth and identity God has given us, we will naturally live the life He has created us to live. The Bible tells us to live a life worthy of the calling we have received, but until we actually receive it, we cannot live it.



Spend some time this week listening for God’s voice. Allow Him to reveal the worth He ascribes to you.