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Are You Praying to the Real God?

Are You Praying to the Real God?

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When you pray, who do you pray to?

I know what you’re thinking, “Um, God, duh.”

Right, right, I know, but let me ask a different question, “What does God look like when you pray to Him?

Now, before you answer that question, think about your response. Really, think about it.


“What does your God look like?”

For some of us, our God looks angry or disapproving. Sure He loves us, but c’mon, He doesn’t really like us, right?

Maybe your God only wants what you can do for Him. Maybe He only likes you when you’re keeping up with reading your Bible and serving at church.

When things go wrong in your life, do you automatically assume God is punishing you because you are “outside of His will” or not pleasing Him perfectly?

When you pray, do you pray to a God who is seated high up above you, glaring down with a disapproving scowl?

“What does your God look like?”


The Real God

When we pray, we can think of our prayers as a ladder that connects us to Heaven. But it’s not a ladder that we stretch up to the clouds to climb and strive and seek to reach the top. Rather, prayer is like a ladder that God throws down to us, not that we may climb it, but that He may descend it.

The God of the Bible always was and always will be a God who walks among us. A God who loves us enough to die for us.

I submit to you this: if the God we pray to looks like anything less than Jesus on the cross, then we are not praying to the real God.

Jesus was God. He was the perfect embodiment, the exact representation of our God who loves us. A God who wants to be with us.

This is the real God–Jesus. What God are you praying to?



This week, take 15 minutes to journal about how you typically picture God when you pray. Then, compare that deity with the image of God we see in Jesus Christ. How are they the same? How are they different? What can you do to begin actively changing the way you picture God to look more and more like His full revelation in Jesus?

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