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passover seder plate_passover_Heather Rae Hutzel


The Power of Passover

A few weeks ago, David and I hosted our second annual Passover Seder. After learning why this holy day is so important to the Christian faith, we decided to incorporate it into our family traditions.

Up until last spring, Easter had always been my favorite holiday. Now, Passover has taken its place.

For me, the Seder magnifies the power of the cross and resurrection. Unlike Easter, every part of the Passover Seder has meaning, from the words we recite to the food we eat to the wine we drink. Everything on the table plays a symbolic role in the story of our freedom.

It’s an incredible moment when you realize that the holy day God ordained thousands of years ago was a prophecy and a foreshadowing of the ultimate exodus to come.

The Story of the Lamb didn’t begin and end with the Israelites escaping Egypt. The Story of the Lamb began in Eden and waits for its completion in the New Jerusalem.

For our family, Passover is a time to remind ourselves of our sin, our redemption, and now, the renewal of the role we play in this epic tale.


How to Celebrate a Christian Passover

Preparing for the Passover Seder is no small task. Last year, I began researching months in advance for how to conduct our first Christian Passover (also known as a Messianic Passover).

I actually struggled to find good resources online. But after scraping together multiple sources, we ended up with an evening that was a perfect blend of tradition and our own additions.

This year, I created our own Haggadah. Haggadah means “the telling,” and it is a booklet that is read during the Seder. It walks you through the entire evening meal and includes the telling of the Exodus story.

If you are interested in celebrating your own Passover Seder in the years to come, I’d like to save you some trouble. You can download a copy of our Haggadah which will tell you everything you need and walk you through the entire evening.

Download a Free Messianic Haggadah


Incorporate the Whole Family

We didn’t have any children present at our Seder (other than our own!), but I would encourage you to find ways to incorporate your kiddos. Passover is supposed to be a tool for teaching and training in the faith. No matter how young your kids are (or how many paws they have), you can help them hear the story of God’s love in a way they can understand!

Here’s how we brought our boys into the celebration!


stuffed lambs_passover_Heather Rae Hutzel

puppies fighting over toy_passover_Heather Rae Hutzel


I hope you join us next year in the celebration of this ancient tradition!

Download a Free Messianic Haggadah