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what does God really want from you_Heather Rae Hutzel


Fun and exciting things are taking place at the Hutzel Homestead. Less than two weeks ago, we brought home our second puppy, Finnley!

Finnley, like his big brother, Westen, is a golden retriever. He’s full of life, extra cuddly, and a little bit mischievous.

We love our pups. For us, they’re our kiddos, and just like anyone else’s kids, God uses them to teach us about His love and character.

Just a couple weeks ago, I got down on the floor to say “hi” to Westen. As soon as I sat down, he ran off to grab a toy. (He does this every single time!)

He trotted back and shoved a drool-covered stuffed animal into my hands.

“I don’t want your toys,” I said as I pulled the squirrel from Westen’s grip. “I just want you!”

As soon as the words left my mouth, I heard God whisper, “That’s all I want from you too, Heather. I just want you. I don’t need your good deeds, sacrifices, gifts, talents, or any of the wonderful things you can do for Me. Those things are great. I love that you bring them before Me, but really, I just want you.”

Wow. Talk about powerful.

Friend, forget what you’ve heard about God. Ignore the things¬†you think you know. Here’s the truth. Here’s what God really wants: YOU. That’s it! Everything else is extra, and without you, everything else is like a slobbery dog toy in comparison.

Just you. Just the way you are. That’s all He wants. The best part? That’s all we really have to give anyway.



Look at your life and consider the person, pet, or child that you love most. What does God want to reveal to you (through them) about the way He loves you?