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life ring life saver life raft_God Doesn't Want to Rescue You_Heather Rae Hutzel


We, as humans, want God to rescue us.

We cry out for His help in the midst of our trials and uncertainties. In those times when life feels incredibly difficult and we recognize our character flaws, we ask God to change our situation. But that’s not what God wants to do.


God Doesn’t want to Rescue Us

For God to rescue us, it merely requires Him to pluck us out of our current situation. Nothing about us has to change.

God is less concerned about changing our situation and more concerned with changing us.

You see, God doesn’t want to rescue us. He wants to resurrect us!


Resurrecting is Different than Rescuing

There is a big difference between being rescued and being resurrected. In order to be resurrected, we have to die first.

Death was never a part of the natural order that God created. But because we live in a fallen world, it is a reality we have to face. Death is a tragedy, but thankfully we have a God whose name is LIFE, and He has conquered death!

If we want our situation, character, or any part of our lives to change, we must first allow ourselves to be transformed. We must die to ourselves and our old way of life.

Death and resurrection have become a part of the natural order in our world. Just look outside.


Resurrection is Coming

The first hints of spring are palpable. The scent of the thawing ground fills the air. Death is dying. All things are being made new.

Spring is my favorite time of year. It invigorates me and makes me feel alive. Something awakens inside of me as buds begin to open and flowers push up from their muddy tombs. The smell of the wind screams new life. It says, “Wake up, O sleeper! Open up your eyes! See this new thing before us!”

Don’t you just love to watch shades of gray, brown, and monochrome be overtaken by vibrant green, fragrant peach, and a shower of white petals that falls from the trees?

This is what God wants to do with your life!

“Come, spring, come!” I say. There is great symbolism in the season of spring, and right smack in the middle of this exciting time of year is the most sacred of holy days—Easter.

Easter—a day that is all about celebrating dead things that come to life. Resurrection! What a beautiful promise.

As we welcome in this new season and await the day of resurrection, allow God to reveal the areas of your life that He wants to put to death. In these weeks leading up to Easter, ask God what it looks like to die to yourself, and then, on Sunday, March 27th, celebrate the new life that He is certain to bring forth from those very same graves!