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Lessons from Lent

In my last post, I shared that my husband, David, and I are forgoing Netflix shows during this season of Lent.

I’m not gonna lie, the first week, I didn’t necessarily miss our shows, but I definitely thought about watching them.

Our first night without our favorite characters resulted in the initial response of a blank stare and, “Uhhh… now what do we do?” But already the fruit from this season of fasting is so good.


Real People are the Best

On Sunday, David and I spent time with a new group of friends we are in community with, and I left there thinking, “Wow. Real people are way cooler than fake, TV people!”

You’re probably thinking, “C’mon. Obviously.”

But for an introvert like me, oftentimes, I forget just how fulfilling it can be to get knee-deep in community.

Community, relationships, and all things “real people” fall well outside my area of forte. Friendship doesn’t come naturally to me, so it’s easy to say, “Meh, it’s too much work. I’ll just watch Netflix instead… or scroll through Facebook…” Or whatever other lame excuse I can come up with!

But here’s the truth. God made us to be relational. In the beginning, God created two humans, not one human and a screen.

While it might be nice to unwind on the couch occasionally, nothing beats real people, real conversation, and real community. Nothing.

“Thanks, God. I needed that reminder.”



Take some time off from your screens this week, and put that time towards real people. Call a friend, start a text conversation, or invite someone to grab a beer or coffee after work.