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When the Chasm is Too Wide to Cross

When the Chasm is Too Wide to Cross

He alone can bridge great chasms. Because of Him, dark voids, trenches, and distances too wide to cross are made passable.

In His name, a bridge of peace and healing is provided for the broken, gaping, wounded earth.

In Him, a way is made.

Because of Him, the path has been established. He bridges the unbridgeable. He connects the un-connectible. He carries old things across to the land of newness. He makes all things new. He makes a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.

The great chasms of our broken hearts are crossed by Him alone. Our gaping wounds are made passable. The abyss of our soul is made penetrable. He makes a way across every trench, every valley, every canyon of misery and brokenness. His life and death is a bridge.

Our wandering hearts search to find something to bridge our great divide.

It is Him.

It has always, only, ever been Him.

Reconciliation comes when His name is whispered over the greatest gulfs. The syllables of His name become bricks and stones, paving the way to peace and healing and wholeness.

He is I Am.

He is the one who walks on water. He is the one who makes a way from death to life. No distance is too far. No trench unpassable. No chasm unconquerable. No broken valley of the shadow of death and despair un-traversable because of Him.

He makes the two, one.

He makes all things new.

He makes bridges out of our dust. He makes new passageways for us.

He is the way.

He is the life.

He is everything.

Jesus, He is our Great and Mighty Bridge.


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