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How Jesus Made Me Crazy

How Jesus Made Me Crazy

“Our God is a crazy God, and His story is a crazy story. The Bible is not a nice, neat little collection of bedtime tales; it is a passionate, dangerous, radical, out-of-this-world epic saga! If we follow Him, we should be expectant of nothing less.”

You’ve probably heard me say this before, but I think it is something we need to be reminded often. I know I do.

This summer, I spent some time on my blog walking through God’s Story. If you’ve been following along, hopefully you’ve come to realize this on your own: Crazy” is God’s Specialty.

The Bible is full of stories of individuals who took crazy steps of faith to follow God. That’s why these stories are in the Bible! These are not the stories of ordinary people but extraordinary people. And what made them extraordinary had nothing to do with who they were but with what they were willing to do.


My Crazy Step of Faith

One year ago, August 18th, 2014, I submitted my resignation at my job to follow Jesus.

You see, I have a knack for praying dangerous prayers. The prayer that started me on this crazy journey is what I consider to be the most dangerous prayer I’ve ever prayed. That was the time I told God, “I’ll do anything.”

More recently, in the spring of last year, I whispered these fateful words: “God, I want people to look at my life and say, ‘That’s just crazy! How great is her God?'”

Little did I know, later that summer, I would eat my own words when God called me to quit my job in the middle of the fiscal year… forgoing my annual bonus… with no job lined up next… oh, and a household income that wouldn’t cover all of our monthly expenses.

“This is crazy!” I said to God. Just then, my hand flew to my mouth as I realized what I said.

“I want you to do the craziest thing possible,” God said to me. “You will bring Me more glory in your last two weeks at that company than in the entire five years you worked there.”


Your Crazy Step of Faith

Friend, God is still looking for regular, ordinary people who are ready and willing to do crazy, extraordinary things! God is not finished writing His Story, and He is certainly not finished writing yours. Each and every day, God gives us an opportunity to partner with Him, to choose something that feels just a little bit crazy in order that we might tell an amazing story with our lives.

God will keep “upping the ante” as long as you keep calling His hand. Already, I sense God preparing my husband and me for the next series of crazy things. But here’s the amazing part about taking God up on His crazy offers: There are some crazy, good rewards!

Without a doubt, the best moments of this journey have been those times when I had nothing left to say but, “This is just crazy! How great is my God!”

What crazy thing God is calling you to do? What step can you take today to move closer to that goal?

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