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isaiah 6.8


I am super excited to share the things God has been revealing to me!


If you have been following me for any length of time, then you are probably aware of the lack of clarity and direction I’ve had in my faith-journey thus far. Over the past several years, I’ve had a vague sense of purpose but no clear definition as to what God hoped to accomplish through me. But since the beginning of this year, everything has changed.


I still don’t know everything about the path ahead, and to be honest, I don’t think I ever will. But what I do have now is enough light to illuminate the next couple steps as I travel down this dark and winding road.


If you read my last post, I talked about having a vision or calling in life and how callings are not something we create. They are given to us by God. Over the years, God has been giving me little glimpses of His calling for me, but I’ve never had as much clarity and understanding as I do now.


It’s funny, looking back I can see how God has pushed me in this direction all along. Everything is connected. Everything has led me to where I am today and where I will be tomorrow. He is doing the same thing with you.


God is telling a story with your life and mine. He designed us for something incredible, and part of the calling God has given me, is encouraging you to believe this truth–you were made for more!


So here’s the vision. If you are wondering what I’m all about and whether or not you want to stick around and be a part of this journey, here you go!


Remember . Renew . Revive . Rebuild


Four simple words. Here’s what they mean:


  • Remember the radical love story of God, so we can understand our place in it.

  • Renew our vision of the character of God and our identity.

  • Revive hearts and souls for the Kingdom of God.

  • Rebuild the Temple, God’s Church, His bride, His body, so we can fulfill our calling: we were made for more!


Everything I have done so far fits under this mission. So I’m going to continue blogging and writing books (more to come on that soon!) But God has revealed another big piece of the puzzle–speaking. I’m super excited to share this short video clip that highlights the message God has given me to share.


I have a favor to ask. Watch the video, and if it resonates with you, please share the link. If you know someone connected to a church, conference, or event where I could share God’s message, feel free to direct them to the video and my website.


Guys, God is up to something. All over the world, revival is springing forth. We have a unique opportunity to be a part of what God is doing right here and right now, but it’s a choice. God has a calling for you, a plan and a purpose for your life. He is just waiting for you to raise your hand and say, “I’m in!”


I’ll conclude with the words of the prophet Isaiah; I can’t possibly imagine something more fitting.


Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” (Isaiah 6:8)


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