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 girl watching sunset_Heather Rae Hutzel_How to Get Clear about Your Vision

If someone asked, “What is your vision for your life?” How would you answer?


If you are anything like me–and, probably, the rest of the human population–this is a tough question to answer. Why? I would say it’s because many of us go through life reactively instead of proactively.

We all tend to be dreamers when we are young, but that magical, little piece of us seems to shrink the older we get. Reality settles in, and life happens. Our days are so jam-packed-full, we can hardly plan what to make for dinner, let alone what kind of legacy we want to leave. So we switch to reactive mode. We react and respond to the world around us, straining to stay one step ahead of the next problem. But our lives were never meant to be this way.


I’m not suggesting you create a five-year plan or set high and lofty goals in order to live proactively. I’m not recommending a calendar that details every moment of your life for the next six months. I’m not even suggesting a book to read, a seminar to attend, or a six-step program to follow. I tried all these things. The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the trajectory of a human life.


What I’ve come to learn over the past couple years is that we, as humans, have settled. We are living far below the greatness to which we have been called. What is this greatness you ask?




It’s true! You were made for something so magnificent that no five-year plan, or book, or program could ever uncover the greatness that awaits you!


I tried in vain to put a plan in place for my future, but what I found is, the harder I tried to create a calling or vision, the less clarity I had about my life.


Callings are not created; they are given.


If you want a calling and vision for your life, then pay close attention. Here is the secret. This is my two-step program for discovering your calling.


Step 1. Pray

Step 2. Repeat Step 1


Prayer is the key to unlocking your calling. It was only after I finally quit trying to make a plan for my future and, instead, asked God to show me His plans for my future, that I got to see the awesome things He wants to accomplish through me. And now, I get to share that with you.


Seriously. God has something so big in store for your life, something so wonderful. You were designed with purpose and intent. There is a Kingdom role that you are uniquely qualified to fill. This is true of every single human, not just the super-spiritual ones.


YOU. Yes, you. You were made for more!


Why is it so important to me that you believe this truth? Because encouraging you to believe, you are made for more, is part of the “more” to which God is calling me.


The more I pray, the more clarity I have about my calling. I don’t know all the details yet, but I do know some, and I am excited to share them with you! Later this week, I’ll be letting you in on some of those details. But for now, take the opportunity to get excited about your future and the possibilities that await. Pray, ask God for His plans and set aside your own. You might just be surprised by the greatness to which you have been called.