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God is Up to Something

Sometimes, I am hardheaded. Okay, oftentimes, I am hardheaded.


I learn best through my own difficult experiences. Maybe you can relate. For example, right after I left my job I tried so hard to be available to what God was doing, to put order and structure into my days, and to devote time and energy to projects and building my business. I thought I knew what I was doing. But God said, “No way.”


For months, I felt like I was beating my head against a wall. It wasn’t until I quit, “trying,” and finally collapsed on the floor with open hands saying, “Fine! Take it! All of it,” that God said, “Okay, now we can get to work.”


God has an interesting way of doing things. He is crazy, but I love Him.


For the first time since leaving my job, I have clarity and focus. I am writing more and worrying less. I am making headway on old projects and some new ones. My day has a loose structure, but it is productive. All these things I strived to achieve before, now just happen without me trying. It doesn’t make sense, but I’m realizing it doesn’t have to.


Things have been totally different since the beginning of the year. As I like to say, “God is up to something. And all I know is, I want to be a part of it.”


I feel a stirring in my soul. A restlessness. I hear God speaking to me, giving me clarity and vision for what lies ahead–a call on my life to inspire and challenge people to abandon the status quo of watered-down, Americanized Christianity to pursue a radical, sold-out Kingdom life.


I am reminded of something I read in Jen Hatmaker’s awesome book, Interrupted. She said:


“God is doing a new thing, as He has done in every generation. We stand in that tiny spot in history in which it is our turn to experience God’s fresh redemption in a new wave of believers through His supernatural ability. It is but a breath. But it is the only breath we have. God is living and active, and He still invites those with ears to hear and eyes to see into the kingdom, which Jesus explained was subversive, countercultural, radical, often hidden.” … “And as it turns out, as soon as we are willing to be the last, we actually become first. When we admit we are least, we feel like the greatest. And when we lose our lives, we find it all . . . all the love, all the life, all the thrill, all the fulfillment. I can’t believe it. Everything Jesus ever said was true.”


What’s to come in 2015? I’m not sure, but I am certain that God is up to something. He is doing a new thing. He is opening eyes. He is awakening souls. He is revealing His story.


My prayer for you is that you too would have ears to hear and eyes to see into the Kingdom, that you would take notice of the fresh breath God is blowing into His people, and most importantly, that you would breathe it in.


God is up to something. Will you be a part of it?