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Jesus working a miracle


Have you ever witnessed a miracle? Last week, I did!


To some degree, the power of God we see at work in our lives is limited by the amount of faith we have. We open ourselves up to seeing God’s majesty when we trust Him with the big things in our life.


The more space we give Him, the more room He has to work.


When I quit my job to follow God on this journey to… well, I’m not really sure where yet, I knew my husband and I were opening up space for God to work in some pretty big ways. We were slashing our family income in half. Financially, this decision didn’t make sense. We can’t live on one income forever. We needed God to stand in the gap and work some miracles.


We trusted that if He was calling us to make this decision, He would take care of us.


Since I quit my job, I have seen God’s fingerprints all over this journey. In the beginning, I tried really hard to record every moment when I saw His presence, but I quickly lost track; there were so many! As John the disciple said in His gospel, “Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.” (John 21:25)


But this past week I witnessed a miracle, one I will not soon forget!


I started working from home at the beginning of September. That month, our water bill went up–almost doubled. We were surprised at first that the bill would change so much, but we just assumed it was the cost of me working from home. We still trusted that God would take care of us.


Four months later, and the water bill continued to increase little by little. It wasn’t until my husband, David, finally did the math that we realized something wasn’t adding up. That’s when we noticed the sheet of ice on the street. We had a leak.


After multiple visits from the county and a plumber, we were given the verdict. The county is only responsible for three feet off the water main by the street, everything else is considered our responsibility. What was likely only a small hole somewhere along the water line was going to run us anywhere from a couple to several thousand dollars!


As the county workers spent hours digging up the front yard, I started praying. At that point, it appeared the leak was somewhere on our property.


“God, I believe You are the one who called me to quit my job, and I believe that You will provide for us. It’s not looking good. I honesty don’t know how You can fix this. It seems impossible. But you are the God of the impossible. I know that even if we have to pay to fix the leak, You will still continue to provide. I trust You.”


Not long after that conversation with God, the county worker came to the front door.


“We found the leak,” he said. “It’s eight feet off the water main…” (My heart literally sank to my stomach.) “But,” he continued, “We just went ahead and fixed it for you since we are here and have the ground open. Everything should be good now.”


“What?!?! Seriously, God?!?! Did You just do this?” I was completely floored. I would have hugged the man had he not been covered head to toe in mud.


I had witnessed a miracle! Almost a week later, I am still completely overwhelmed with gratitude for what God did for us.


Let me encourage you today by saying, God is so faithful. No matter what He calls you to, no matter how crazy or illogical it may seem, trust Him. There are some miracles that you may never see if you don’t give Him the space to work. If He calls you to it, He will carry you through it. That doesn’t mean nothing will ever go wrong. I’ve had plenty go wrong in the past few months. But it is against these downfalls and moments of hopelessness that God’s power and might shine even brighter. His works and miracles seem so much greater when there is no other way out. It is only in those moments when we can rely on nothing else but the hand of the mighty God that we can stand back and say,


“God, You are so ridiculously good!”