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I have a confession to make. I am afraid.


What scares you the most? Fear of failure? Concern for the safety of your family and friends? Maybe you’re scared of the unknown, the future of the economy, or the outcome of some decisions you’ve made. Maybe the stories on the news keep you up at night, stories about spreading diseases, elementary school shootings, or terrorist attacks.

Our world has enough troubles to keep our minds occupied with worry, but what if there was another world, another realm thats sole purpose was to strike fear in the individuals who dared to enter it?


This is the reason I am afraid.


I realize that by being open and honest about my journey, I run the risk of turning people away. But I also know that I have a mission that I am called to pursue, and sharing my story is all a part of fulfilling that mission—to shed light in the darkness, to expose it.

Many people have been asking if I am working on another book, and the short answer is yes. I have another novel that I started last summer, and since leaving my job in the marketing world, I have been able to add a few thousand words to the manuscript. But unfortunately, I have not been diligent about consistently writing every week. It’s not because I’m not disciplined or don’t make the time, but rather because I am afraid.


Let me explain.


In my first novel, The Book of Life: The Greatest story Ever Told, the Archangel Michael recounts the story of the Bible from his perspective, revealing everything he has witnessed through the ages: from the beginning, when Lucifer rebelled and the spiritual war began, to a modern day world, where Michael wages against the forces of evil and fights for God’s plan of redemption.

The element of spiritual warfare in The Book of Life came as a surprise to me and piqued my interest in understanding this unseen world. When I began writing the book and first started shedding light in the darkness, some strange things started happening, creepy things that I can’t explain. Yet, somehow I knew these events were all tied back to the book I was writing.

I was exposing the darkness, and something, or rather someone, wasn’t pleased.

Now, maybe you are someone who doesn’t believe in the spiritual or paranormal. I didn’t either, until I experienced it. The Bible spells it out plainly.


There is a world that we can’t see.


The enemy tries to keep us blissfully unaware of the spiritual realm. That makes his job easy. But once we start poking and prodding in the spiritual realm, the enemy takes on a completely different plan of attack—fear.

So I should not have been surprised when I began writing my second novel, and strange events began occurring yet again.

This is why I am afraid.

I have been paralyzed in my writing, because I know every step I take toward exposing the enemy, the more he fights back.


But here is where we need to draw the line. Here is where we need to take a stand against fear.


The truth is this: whether you are facing the fear of the demonic, fear of losing your job, fear for your safety, or anything else, in Jesus, we have no need to fear.

In Jesus, we have authority over the powers of evil and over fear itself.

Luke 10:19 says, “I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.”

And in Ephesians 1 the Bible tells us that Jesus Christ has been placed over all rule and authority, power and dominion, and that same power that is at work in Jesus is also at work in us.

How can I fear the demons when the light I carry is the One who holds power over the demons?

How can we fear tomorrow when the One who tells us not to worry is the one who is creating tomorrow?

Fear has one purpose and one purpose alone: to immobilize us in our work and keep us from the mission to which we have been called.


There is only one thing we can do when fear is standing in the way.


We must look it in the face, stare into its beady, yellow eyes, and recognize it for what it is—a barrier. Then, after taking a deep breath, push it to the side and just keep moving forward.

It’s time for me to push my fears aside and move forward with my novel. What fears do you need to push past?


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