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Photo Credit:Brad Wang via Compfight cc

Architectural blueprint

Lately, I’ve been asking myself, “How do I operate as a ‘good business person’ while still allowing God to be the CEO of this endeavor?”


If I were just setting out as an aspiring entrepreneur, I would create a business plan based strictly on profitability and my own personal desires for achievement, but I’m not just someone trying to start a business.


The truth is, if it weren’t for God and the vision He gave me, I wouldn’t be in this position; I never would have written a book; and I most certainly wouldn’t have quit my job for the pursuit of some fanciful dream.


I want to follow God, but I also want to be responsible with the task He has placed before me. I don’t think it is coincidence that I have a business degree. I definitely believe that God has been equipping and preparing me for this journey long before I ever realized.


I guess where I really notice the tension is when thinking about setting goals and creating a business plan. I hesitate to put too much of my own thoughts or dreams on paper, because while I might think it is a good plan, I’m not sure that God will. I’m worried about putting God in a box. I fear that I will end up pursuing the wrong goals. I worry that I will wander down the wrong path.


I didn’t set out to write a book or create a business. Perhaps if I had, I would have an end goal in mind. But no, this whole journey was God’s doing. Maybe I should be asking Him what His plan is and what end goal He has in mind.


So I started praying about this dilemma, asking for clarity amidst much uncertainty, and here is the answer I received. It sounds cliché, but I’m finding that clichés are clichés for a reason—they are often true.


“This race called life is not about crossing the finish line; it’s about the journey.”


God has been speaking to me, revealing that He is not so much concerned about what I achieve for Him but rather who I become for Him. His goal is not for me to write a bestselling novel. His goal is for me to become the best version of me as possible. It’s not about what I create; it’s about what He creates. It’s not about the plan I construct or the goals I set; it’s about His plan, His goal to make me look as much like Him as possible.


I trust that God truly wants to create something in and through me. I really believe that He has given me a message to share. But I also know that He doesn’t want these things at the expense of my character and the person He is creating.

God’s not building a business. He’s building a human being.

I sense God saying, “Use the gifts and talents I have given you. Be creative, make goals, and set plans, but always be asking for My guidance. Always seek My input as the CEO. And always remember that My first goal is to make all of you look like all of Me. Everything else will fall into place.”