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Waiting… oh how I dread waiting. I am certainly not the most patient person in the world, and it shows in times when I am forced to delay the moments I eagerly anticipate. This winter has especially tried my impatient demeanor with its frigid days and even colder, never-ending nights. It seems like spring will never arrive.


But spring isn’t the only thing that I am looking forward to these days.What about you? Is there something in your life that you are waiting for?


Maybe like me you have received what you believe to be a promise from God, an assurance that He gave you long ago that something you desperately desire will come to pass. Maybe like me, you have waited many years, and you are starting to wonder, “Was it really a promise from God? Was it merely my own hopeful optimism that led me to believe that this thing would come to pass? If it was God, did He change His mind? Maybe I just want this thing so bad that I’ve convinced myself to place my trust in promises that never even existed?”


Just this morning, I was asking myself these questions, and as if in response to my prodding, I thought I heard a voice ask, “Do you imagine My servant Abraham wondered these very same things as he thought about the promises I made to him? Do you think he looked out at that vast, starry night-sky and compared the number of heavenly hosts to the barrenness of his line of descent? He did. You know he did; he was human, just like you.”


I’ve been reminded recently that God rarely works in the timing or schedule that we prefer, but that doesn’t mean that He has abandoned His promises. Over the years, I have learned to write down those promises and document those moments when God seems to nod His head at me and say, “See I told you. I’m God; I don’t fail to keep My promises.”


On one such occasion, God pointed me in the direction of Luke 1:45; it has since been one of my favorite quotes from the Bible, and I repeat it to myself often. “Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her!”


If you are like me today, searching for God’s assurance, let me encourage us both in our waiting. As Habakkuk 2 says, I know that the revelation of my dream awaits an appointed time–God’s time. But I also know His promises will not prove false. God keeps His word. Though the fulfillment lingers, we wait; the fruition of God’s promises will certainly come and will not delay.


Do you have promises you are waiting to see fulfilled? How long have you been waiting? Have you found any ways to rekindle your waning flame of hope? Please leave your comments!