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I’m going to be honest, every single day of my life I feel like a failure. Do you have these moments too? I have conversations daily where I kick myself later for something I said, and I constantly feel like I am doing things I regret. The worse part is, the harder I try, the harder I fail at being a “good person.” Please tell me I’m not alone.

From the time I was very little I placed a lot of pressure on myself to live a certain way. My parents naturally valued good behavior, and I grew up in a church that preached morality as the number one virtue. Then later, as an adult, I met Jesus, and my entire world view shattered. I had secretly hated religion all my life but felt bound by the chains of morality. After all, I didn’t want to go to hell.

But then Jesus stepped in and said, “There’s no use trying. You could never be good enough. But I love you anyway.”

That sealed the deal for me! No longer did I try to “be good” for goodness sake, but I became bound by another form of addiction… “being good” for Christ’s sake! If you are a follower of Jesus, then you know exactly what I am talking about. This is where you try really hard to be more and more like Jesus–love like Jesus, give like Jesus, have patience and kind words like Jesus… If you read my last post about transformation, then you already know how futile I’ve come to realize this way of life is. The truth is, I can spend my entire life trying to be more and more like God, or I can realize that in Jesus I am already as much like Him as I can possibly be. I simply need to live out this reality. The Bible tells me that I am one with Jesus; I am loved in the Beloved. When God looks at me, He sees Jesus. Because of Jesus, I am already as much like Him as I can possibly be. This truth might not be manifested yet physically, but on a metaphysical level it is! Transforming into His glory is simply a matter of living out what is already a certain reality. What is easier? To live out something that isn’t true about you or something that is true about you? Don’t try to live like Jesus. Because of grace, you’re already like Jesus. Live like that!

How about you? In what ways have you been trying to be a “good person,” or maybe even trying to become more like Jesus?

I once heard it said that, “Discipleship is becoming the person Jesus would be if He were you.” Have you ever considered that this reality is already true? Please leave your comments!