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“What the hell am I doing here?”

Do you ever ask this question? Do you roll out of bed in the morning and inquire, “What is the point of it all?

We are all on a quest, a journey to discover the life for which we were made. Some of us spend our entire lives trying to unearth our calling. We ask,”What is the plan for my life? What is my story?”

I’d like to offer a somewhat cliché piece of advice: “Follow your passion.” Unoriginal, I know. But consider the meaning of the word “passion.” We think of passion as being synonymous with desire, craving, enthusiasm, and zeal, but consider the word’s origin. “Passion” is rooted in the Latin word “pati” meaning “to suffer or endure.” I’m not asking you to uncover the plan for your life’s work by following your greatest delights. The question should not be, “What is the type of work for which I feel enjoyment,” but rather, “What is the type of work for which I am willing to suffer?”

This is my prayer for you,

“That you may have the wisdom to know the story to which God calls you, the power to pursue it, the courage to abide its mysteries, and love in every step.” –Jan L. Richardson