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The One Thing you Were Made to Do

The One Thing you Were Made to Do

From the time we are born until the time we die, our human brains are constantly building new neural networks, allowing us to achieve, perform, and function at different tasks.

Perhaps it was God’s design all along for us to live eternally and to continually build new neural networks, expanding our brains intelligence.

I believe God created us with an innate desire to explore Him. We see it everywhere. People always want to learn and know more, not only about God and His Word, but also His world.

All matters of science, mathematics, and art are the result of a deep study of the character of God. Whether realized or not, every scientist who has ever devoted time and energy to his field of interest has systematically and intensely studied the character of God’s existence. The same is true for mathematics, art, and other subjects concerning the physical realm. Somehow, all these topics that we tend to look at separately are intricately woven together to form a magnificent tapestry which is the character and existence of God.

The summation of all we know collectively as the human race is a mere fraction of the grandeur of God’s wisdom that we were created to discover.

How sad it is to see a man spend his entire existence searching, exploring, and pursuing his passions, yet never once realizing or understanding it was the very character of God after which he sought.

We were made to seek after and desire all things God—to seek His wisdom. It is in His infinite wisdom that we see His love. The intricacies of all that God is has been put in place for one sole purpose – us.

We are the object of God’s creation, and therefore, the object of His love. All things in creation, known and unknown, create a line—a line that points to God, the magnificent designer. But the other end of that line is perhaps the most revealing and exposing factor.

For you see, the other end of the line points to us.

While God’s creation was made by Him, through Him, and for Him, it was made with us in mind. Who can discover the great vastness of the physical realm?

None can.

But we may spend our whole lives trying. Eternity in Christ grants us this deepest longing to know Him and know all He is. He is all things combined, seen and unseen.

To fathom the fact that there is a realm unseen to the human eye is unimaginable. To ponder the grand intricacies of how an unknown realm may interact with the one we live in, is far too much to grasp. It is simply too much for the human mind to wrap around. The grandeur of God can never be conceived. But He will reveal Himself when we seek Him. The part of God’s character that He reveals to us is His infinitely vast wisdom and reality. The more we know Him the more we realize just how little we know Him. How could anything be more amazing or enticing than the incomprehensible existence of God? It’s like trying to wrap a simple human mind around the concept of infinity. We cannot even begin to imagine an eternity of getting to know the One who has no end to His love or existence.

Yet we have all of eternity to try.

For this is what we were created to do, explore the grandeur of God—all along falling more and more in love with Him as we realize each and every uncovered truth points to Him and simultaneously back at us.