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The Hope of Zion

The Hope of Zion

A golden haze covers the land

As the sun warms over the earth

The dawning of a brand new day,

The moment of her birth


Renewed at last, this barren land

Has died and gone to rest

She’s been remade with fertile plains

And gardens that have been blessed


From her dust a city springs,

Glowing in mighty splendor

A promise from so long ago

Her King, He has remembered


He did not cast her to the side

Or throw her in the fire

But made her new, restored her land

Lifted her to a place that’s higher


Fields and meadows dance and sway

Forests stretch up high

Creatures brought back from the dust

Once dead but now alive


Restored at last, the old is gone,

The new is here to stay

An endless eternity lies ahead

A time of endless days


One thing remains to make her whole

There’s one thing left to do

Open the gates of the city walls

And welcome all things new


From the horizon a tune drifts forth

The song of lyre and flute

A throng of people, a dancing parade,

The remnants of Israel’s root


Come, holy people, join the earth

Be restored and take your throne

You are a kingdom, a royal priesthood

This land is your home


Dancing through the city gates

Shouting praises to their King

This is a land where tears run dry

And endless songs they sing


Bless the Lord, O King of Zion

The one who restores the earth

And through His love makes all things new

Our death becomes our birth