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Give God Your Book

Give God Your Book


Whether we admit it or not, there exists somewhere in this vast universe a document that can cause intense shame just at its mere mention. We try to pretend it does not exist, but we all know that it does. It’s a book, a list of all our faults, a compilation of every sin we’ve ever committed. It’s a horrid and grotesque tome that resides in the hands of none other than Satan himself. By it he accuses us day and night and convinces us that we are unworthy. By it he evokes our guilt and disgrace.

By comparing your book to another—the book of the law, Satan is able to reveal just how far short you have fallen. By holding you up to unattainable standards, he condemns you to sins that are punishable only by death. By the sick power that Satan holds over you, power that you have given him, Satan calls you into his presence and reads your book aloud, sputtering and hurling insults as you lower your head in shame. He has you right where he wants you.

At the very moment you feel you can’t stand to hear his sneering voice read one more of your transgressions, Jesus appears. He runs to your side and pulls you to Him, wrapping His arms around you in a protective embrace. He turns, looking over His shoulder and commands, “The Lord rebuke you, Satan! Don’t you know who this is? This is My beloved!” While keeping one arm wrapped around you, Jesus reaches out and rips the book of the law from the hands of Satan. He hurls it to the ground and it bursts into flames.

“There is no law!” Jesus shouts over the hissing and popping as the pages are consumed with the fire. “There is only love!” The book is reduced to a pile of ash on the ground while Satan stares with a bewildered look. He does not understand love. Jesus looks at Satan’s hands where he is still clutching tightly to the other book, the book containing the list of your sins. Jesus reaches out to take it from Satan, but he pulls away.

“No!” Satan screams, “It’s not yours to take! It belongs to them!” Satan points an accusing finger at you, and your stomach plummets as your hopes are dashed. Jesus gazes down at you with a look of pure adoration.

“That may be,” He whispers softly, as if it were meant for only you to hear. “But it has no meaning anymore, for there is no law, only love. I have abolished the law…” Jesus’ eyes pool with tears, “because I love you. I love you more than you could ever imagine.”

You gaze up into His eyes, eyes that are so full of peace… so full of love. And you believe Him.Suddenly, you are overwhelmed with emotions you have never felt before. A feeling of love washes over you as you realize there is nowhere you’d rather spend eternity than in the arms of this Man.

“You love me?”

Jesus smiles, “With an everlasting love.” He pulls you in closer and rests His head on top of yours. He whispers gently in your ear, “May I have your book?”

You squeeze tightly to Him and nod.

Satan has no choice now. As Jesus reaches for the book of your sin, Satan hands it over with a look of utter defeat.

“You cannot keep convincing My beloved that this book has any meaning,” Jesus says as He tosses it to the ground with a loud thump. “If there is no law, then there is no punishment; therefore, there is no condemnation for My beloved.” He turns back to you as the pages go up in flames. “I look at you as though you have never sinned.” He caresses your cheek. “Nothing you have ever done can keep Me from loving you. Nothing you can do from this day forth can keep Me away. You are Mine. You have always been Mine, and I have always loved you.”

Jesus places a tender kiss on your forehead. “I have a gift for you,” He whispers as Satan sinks into the shadows. Jesus reaches out and hands you a book. It has a beautiful, leather-bound cover with gilded pages. “Go on!” He insists, “Open it!”

Slowly you crack open the pages and flip to the front of the book. Written in a scrolled hand is your name, beside it are the words, “My beloved.”

“What is this?” You question, not understanding. It is a thick book with worn pages, each filled with the same handwriting that scrolled your name.

“It’s a story.” Jesus says as He flips the pages for you. Your eyes pour over the words. “It’s a love story.” Jesus glances up into your eyes. “It’s My love story… and yours. Since the day I created you, I have not stopped writing it. But now that you are hear with me…” Jesus flips to the back of the book, to the last page. “It is finished,” He whispers.

Tears flood your eyes as He tenderly takes your hand. “Come with me!” Excitement fills His voice as He grabs your hand and leads you down a path toward a city gate. You see brilliant lights filtering through the cracks where the gate meets the city wall. The whole land seems to sparkle. Music floats on the air and excitement builds as you anticipate what you will see on the other side.

As you approach the city wall, Jesus reaches forward to push open the gate. “Oh, I almost forgot!” He says as He squeezes your hand. “This is yours to keep.” Jesus smiles as He hands over the book to you. Once again you take it in your hand, this time noticing the gilded lettering on the front cover. Jesus throws open the gate and instantly your vision is flooded with lights, colors, and an image words could never describe.

Jesus tugs on your hand, “Come! I have so much to show you!” Eagerly you follow Him through the gate, but not before peering down once more to read the cover of the book….The Book of Life.